Top 5 Fishing Destinations in Minnesota

Whether looking to catch some perch, crappie, bass, or walleye, there are thousands of lakes in Minnesota to satisfy your fishing needs and keep you enjoying the scenic views of the lakes and forests. Here we will have a look at some of the best destinations for fishing in Minnesota.

Carver County – Steiger Lake

Steiger Lake is a great destination for catching larger fish. A very large number of northern pike has been reported by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in this 165-acre lake. When fishing at Steiger Lake, you will be able to catch much different fish such as black crappie, yellow bullheads, and blue grill.

Cass Country – Leech Lake and Lake Winnibigoshish

Cass Country boasts these two lakes which are known to be perfect for fishing larger fish. It’s common for fishermen to catch 30–50-pound weighing fish at Leech Lake. No wonder it’s a favorite fishing spot among many visitors and locals.

Lake Winnibigoshish is the perfect lake not only for fishing but also for the whole family to enjoy swimming and relaxing. The lake is perfectly positioned for fishing guides, lodging, and other activities nearby to try after catching the big fish.

Itasca Country – Big Island Lake – Bowstring Lake – Spider Lake

For anybody wanting to catch 5 – 8-pound walleye fish, Big Island Lake is one of the best options to consider. The lake is also known for its big perch and northern pike. With 11.3 miles of shoreline, you get beautiful views of the forests and plenty of space to move around.

Bowstring Lake provides fishermen with plenty of black crappies, northern pike, walleye, and yellow perch. This lake also stands as one of the best destinations for fishing walleye.

The shoreline of Spider Lake provides beautiful views of nature covered with the 1,392-acre lake. Spider Lake lies in the beautiful Chippewa National Forest.

Otter Tail County – Otter Tail Lake – Annie Battle Lake

The Otter Tail Lake is another top destination to catch walleye. During the month of May and into the middle of June, this lake is a hotspot for fishermen from across the country to come out and fish. It’s the largest lake in Otter Country boasting 13,725-acres.

Annie Battle Lake is located in Glendalough State Park and is described as a ‘heritage fishery’.

These lakes are among the best choices for fishing larger and rarer fish, and on top of that provides some of the most beautiful scenic views in Minnesota. Visit these lakes throughout the year for some of the best fishing experiences you will have in your life.